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First published in 1963

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The Australian Fluoridation News is for people willing to think and choose for themselves. Good critical thinking skills, combined with the basic information and questions provided here, cut through decades of fluoridation propaganda.

The Australian Fluoridation News publishes factual fluoridation data that illuminates the twin messages:
  1. The plentiful evidence of the dangers of fluoridation, along with clear-cut evidence that fluoridation is fundamentally a commercial and political operation that ignores people's rights to bodily integrity and choice,
  2. Our commitment is that fluoridation contamination will inevitably be removed from Australia, as has happened throughout most of Europe. It will take everything, all our efforts and perseverance, and our reward is our fully informed choice of safe, clean water.

Fluoridation Facts:
  • Scientifically advanced and health conscious countries such as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden have totally rejected fluoridation.
  • There has never been a scientific study in Australia or the world to prove the safety of fluoridation.
  • No studies in Australia prove fluoridation is perfectly safe for all people.
  • Fluoride is a poison that accumulates in your body and one-third of a teaspoonful of sodium fluoride is estimated to be a lethal dose.
  • There has been no clinical research which proves fluoride stops dental caries, only clever and persistent propaganda.
  • Young children should never use fluoridated toothpaste because they have no control over the amount swallowed. In fact many children eat the stuff because it is enticingly flavoured.
  • Fluoridated toothpaste can contain up to 1500 ppm of fluoride. There is enough in one tube to kill a child!
  • Nature knows best. There is virtually no fluoride in mothers' milk. A bottle-fed baby on formula food reconstituted with fluoridated water, receives 700% above NHMRC and WHO suggested maximum safe daily intake of fluoride for babies. Many world medical scientists consider the fluoride intake should be zero.
  • The Tasmanian Royal Commission (1968) and the Victorian Inquiry (1980) estimated 10% of children in fluoridated populations will suffer dental fluorosis, i.e. mottled teeth. The latest research shows 48%.
  • The British Medical Research Council, the American Medical Association and Australia's NHMRC state that dental fluorosis is the first sign of chronic fluoride poisoning. Why is this appalling medical condition tolerated?
  • There were over 100 Statutory Declarations claiming harm from fluoridation, some with Doctors' Certificates, sent to the Victorian Inquiry through our Association. Not one person was contacted or examined by the Government Committee and no mention was made in the Report, so that the Premier was able to announce that "no harm was reported"!!!

Fluoridation - Did you know:
  1. Most countries have rejected or removed fluoridation (e.g. 98% of continental Europe)
  2. The fluoridation chemicals used are toxic industrial wastes, harmful to all life (e.g. fluoride chemicals come from fertiliser chimney smokestacks)
  3. Fluoridation violates medical ethics, our democratic rights and our Freedom to Choose (It's "mass medication" daily with toxic wastes).  See the Overview page for more.
Our Recommended Approach until Artificial Fluoridation is removed:
  1. Research the Facts - Find out as much info as you need, to be sure for yourself. Fluorides are toxic & cumulative
  2. Choose for Yourself - Your free choice, once fully-informed, can change the whole world - at least your world, for a start
  3. Minimise Your Fluoride Exposure - It's not just in water, but in food, fluorinated drugs, toothpaste, mouthwash, fluoropolymer (non-stick) cookware and more...
  4. Spread the Word - To family, friends, colleagues, to lower their risks too. Help regain our right and freedom to choose for ourselves.
Find out more on the Overview, FAQ and Downloads pages (including Videos and Audio).

AFN 2016 N2
2016#2 April - June Edition (Vol 52, No 2)

Fluoridation Causes Cancer
So does the Fluoride content of Tea

In the 1970s epidemiological studies proved fluoridation causes cancer and these studies have never been scientifically refuted, despite attempts by the propaganda machine. Since then, further studies continue to accumulate that prove fluoride's cancer-causing abilities for many types of cancer, including that of the breast, uterus and thyroid. And it's not only from the fluoride dosed through artificial water fluoridation, but from other fluoride sources including tea.

Cancer death rates were compared in non-fluoridated versus fluoridated US cities [Yiamouyiannis 1975]. The fluoridated cities showed huge increases in death rate per 100,000 residents compared with non-fluoridated cities: Tongue and mouth (44%), Oesophagus (72%), Stomach (45%), Large Intestine (40%), Rectum (80%).

A major study published in 2001 on an enormous US sample of over 21 million people confirmed the increased risk of cancers due to water fluoridation [Takahashi 2001]. The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is known to have been worried about the Takahashi study... more...

Drinking Tea Causes Skeletal Fluorosis
Fluoride accumulates in the body, especially in the skeleton, causing skeletal fluorosis. Symptoms include stiff joints, arthritis, brittle bones and fused spinal disks.

Long-time tea drinkers, especially in their later years, can have the very visible symptom of an arching, "poker-back", a tell-tale sign of skeletal fluorosis.

Australian medical professionals are largely unaware of this condition, having never been trained in diagnosing it. But in countries like India, naturally occurring fluoride is much more well known as the cause of this debilitating condition...  more...

Pew Trust's Fluoridation Promotion Tactics Exposed

AFN 2016 N2 PEW ... Pew Trust has created a training manual for fluoride promotion that advises not to discuss or debate a list of health concerns and effects. It's a clear case of suppression of discussion that has PEW lose all credibility and is yet another nail in fluoridation's coffin.

All the items in the message wheel have been shown to be related to fluoride ingestion. No wonder that PEW Trust does not want these harmful effects discussed! ... more...

Brief Reviews: Victorian Statistics Decayed: Fluoride Promotion 102

AFN 2016 N1
2016#1 January - March Edition (Vol 52, No 1)

Breaking the Silence on Fluoridation

We sometimes become aware of remarkable events that aren't addressed openly by governments or even reported by mainstream media - as if we're not meant to know. Fluoridation is one example, the policy has gone largely unquestioned, covered-up by slick media promotion, resulting in silence. What are the effects of this silence and what path does it put humanity on? Instead, where would we like to go?

Industrial disasters were increasing in the 1920s and 30s and thus heavy industry titans were becoming increasingly concerned by the harmful nature of fluorides, mainly with the risk of costly court cases. This lead to the development of the "Fluoridation Theory" in the 1930s and 40s to whitewash fluoride's image right from the start, which allowed for the low cost disposal method for toxic fluoride wastes.

Award-winning investigative reporter Chris Bryson in "The Fluoride Deception"[1] details how this came about. Industry set out to link the naturally-occurring (but still cumulative poison) calcium fluoride with supposedly "healthy" teeth. Young researcher Trendley Dean was 'ordered' to study fluorides and though his scientific method was much criticised, the resultant conclusion was used as a basis for the fluoridation-cavity prevention myth. The industry later hid the fact that sodium fluoride or industrial waste silicofluorides are used to fluoridate water... more...

Environmentalists target fluoridated (PFC) gear companies
Greenpeace activists protested outside outdoor gear shops in Sydney and Melbourne in February, bringing attention to the company's continuing use of toxic PFCs in their range of gear and apparel.

PFCs (per- and poly-fluorinated compounds) are hazardous chemicals used to make outdoor gear water and dirt-repellent, but they may persist in the environment, and cause reproductive and developmental problems, as fluorides have been and are proven to do...  more...

AFN 2015 N4
2015#4 October - December Edition (Vol 51, No 4)

Progress and Pollution:
Fracking, Coal Mines And Fluorides

Many industries use chemicals that include fluorides, due to the element's ability to potentiate or boost the effectiveness of other chemicals. Most fluorides are themselves extremely toxic, resulting in increased pollution and adverse health consequences.

Coal has powered the Industrial Revolution for almost three centuries. Extraction of coal seam gas (CSG) by fracking can similarly provide a power source for many industries. Other energy sources include LPG, hydro-electric and solar power generation. Disposal of contaminated waste from CSG and coalmines, and air pollution from these operations and from LPG creates a major pollution hazard.

A similar long-standing problem of air, water and food contamination is caused by fluorides, especially from the aluminium, steel and phosphate fertilizer industries. These same industries solved their toxic waste disposal problems by adding fluoride compounds, (such as sodium silico-fluoride) to domestic drinking water supplies, with no consideration of the potential adverse effects on humans, animals, aquatic life or natural ecosystems...

Pollution from CSG Fracking Chemicals, including Fluorides... more...

Massive Fluoride Overfeed: Faulty Valve and Human Error, Pupils and Teachers Suddenly Ill (Maine, USA 1981)
... pupils and teachers began drinking and using the water, and between 8.00 and 9.00am they began to experience toxic effects "consisting chiefly of nausea, vomiting, cramps and headache." ... More...

Brief Reviews: Discuss and Agree on Dental Treatments First;  The Truth About Cancer (DVD Series);  Can You Imagine?

AFN 2015 N3
2015#3 July - September Edition (Vol 51, No 3)

Fluoridation: Poison on Tap

A new DVD documentary shines a bright light on the fluoridation scheme:   why it started, how it affects us all and what we can do about it.

In 2012 the documentary "The Great Culling: Our Water"[1] took a "big picture" approach of the sinister reasons underlying water fluoridation and why it remains as policy in very few countries.

That film's top-down perspective was a challenging one to many people and as a result, some viewers new to the subject were not able to take it all in. The new film has been completely reworked for a wider audience.

"Fluoride: Poison on Tap" [2] is quite different to "The Great Culling: Our Water" with lots of new footage. Most importantly, the context of "the big picture" has changed to that of a "grassroots" perspective that is readily accessible to viewers "who have the ears to hear"... more...

Victory in Northern Victoria
The former Mayor of Indigo Shire has failed in his attempt to force diluted industrial fluoride wastes on the towns of Beechworth, Rutherglen and Yackandandah... more...

Australia's Double Standard Democracy
A further attempt to force medication on Australian children is the recommendation by the Australian Senate's standing committee on community affairs to "with-hold childcare rebates from the families of unvaccinated children". (Sydney Morning Herald, 13Nov2015)

"Under the proposed law, children who are not vaccinated would not be eligible for a range of childcare subsidies."

While this may be a well-intentioned proposal to reduce the spread of disease, the proposal ignores well-demonstrated examples of damage to health of some children from vaccinations, which can occur some months after the vaccinations, similarly with damage caused by thalidomide.

The proposal smacks of some Senate Committee members having been more influenced by corporate lobbyists than considering the democratic rights of parents. But it's okay for numerous deaths to occur in hospitals due to infections and medical errors, which studies have shown that nearly 50% of medical staff fail to take the simple preventative of washing their hands after treating hospital patients.

In 1946 the Australian people (in all states) voted to change the Australian Constitution to add to Section 51 a new subsection, 23A. The top of Section 51 reads: ... more...

Brief Reviews: Our Daily Dose (Short Film)

AFN 2015 N2
2015#2 April - June Edition (Vol 51, No 2)

Fluoridation's Partner, The First Atomic Bomb

Seventy years after the first atomic bomb test at the White Range Missile site in New Mexico, thousands of visitors to this listed National Historic Landmark[1] are unaware of the critical role fluoride played in inventing the bomb or that fluoridation of water supplies progressed hand-in-hand with its development.

As a massive mushroom cloud ascended over the New Mexico test site in July 1945, with two more similar nuclear bombs exploded over Japan only weeks later, a mass scale human experiment with fluorides had already commenced on the population of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, by tipping barrels of sodium fluoride into the water supply[2]... more...

USA lowers Fluoride level to 0.7ppm
The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) lowered its recommended level for fluoride to 0.7 ppm, finally admitting in April that fluoride levels have been too high.

The HHS, which was formerly known as the Public Health Service (PHS), had previously advised the recommended range of 0.7 to 1.2 ppm (parts per million).

The reduction follows the publication some nine years ago of the US National Research Council report (2006) which highlighted scientifically many health issues with consuming fluoride, including underactive thyroid and as an endocrine disruptor.

Publicly the HHS states that the reduction is due to concerns about dental fluorosis. But the real reason is the measurable reduction in IQ caused by fluoridation... more...

Fluoride Spill Results in $480m kidney lawsuit: Annapolis, USA, Oct 1982
The lawsuit was filed against the city of Annapolis, three water treatment plant employees, and the designers of the fluoridation system, blamed for the November 1979 poisoning of kidney dialysis patients, as reported in the Evening Capital, Annapolis, Maryland, October 30, 1982 ... more...

Brief News: Fracking linked to hospitalisation rates;  GMO+Vaccination;  That Sugar Film;  Sydney Fluoridation Conference 2015

AFN 2015 N1
2015#1 January - March Edition (Vol 51, No 1)

CSG Fracking Contaminates Water

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) extraction chemicals include fluorides and flammable, poisonous hydrocarbons which leach into the water table, adversely affecting people's health and destroying productive farming land, but government and industry don't seem to care.

Fluoridation involves the disposal of the phosphate fertiliser and other industry's toxic fluoride wastes through domestic water supplies to your kitchens and bathrooms.

Meanwhile people are also being harmed by exposure to coal seam gas extraction chemicals including fluorides pumped under pressure into the ground but then disperse into ground water and cannot be fully reclaimed.

Efficient extraction of Coal Seam gas requires the use of BTEX chemicals, (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl-benzene and Xylene), mixed with large volumes of water... more...

Editorial: Honouring the Anzac Spirit
With the 25th April 2015 centenary of Anzac Day celebrations across Australia and New Zealand, and the huge military losses suffered during the remainder of WW1, we should reflect on what we celebrate.

After months of fighting at Gallipoli, against Turkish soldiers in a dominating position defending their homeland, in terrible conditions with massive casualties, then an amazing night withdrawal months later, what do we celebrate? Rather than a victory, we commemorate the fighting spirit, not a defeat! ... more...

Brief News: Water Fluoridation linked to hypothyroidism

AFN 2014 N3
2014#3 July - December Edition (Vol 50, No 3)

Another NHMRC 'Review', Another Gravy Train

Fluoride promoters are again trying to justify the disposing of industrial fluoride wastes through the 'public kidney', whilst the damage created by the imposition of fluoridation is becoming more and more apparent.

In January 2014, I was alerted by Merilyn Haines, President of Fluoride Action Network Australia (FAN) to the fact the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) was conducting another review of fluoridation's health effects.

I immediately wrote to the NHMRC offering to serve on the committee, as Merilyn had been informed that the "Fluoride Reference Group" would have a mix of pro- and anti-fluoridationists and I have been studying fluoride toxicology for decades. FAN has stated that the NHMRC has reneged on the balance commitment and is guilty of 'extreme bias' in the choice of committee members.

The NHMRC has stacked its new fluoride committee with at least nine members who have publicly advocated for water fluoridation... more...

Public Betrayed by NHMRC
The NHMRC has betrayed the public on the fluoridation issue. Instead of being Australia's predominant body promoting national health, its restrictive guidelines shows that it is no more than a mouthpiece for vested interests, where corporate profits are the priority, to the neglect of national health. (Apparently with little or no concern for the physical health of Australian citizens.)

The undemocratic and secretive nature of the NHMRC is demonstrated by its long-standing attitudes and policies published in the following extracts... more...

Brief News: Israel turns off the fluoride tap;  Ireland's counties voting to remove F-;  Changing the fluoridation game is up to us;

AFN 2014 N2
2014#2 April - June Edition (Vol 50, No 2)

Celebrating 50 Years, An Historic Perspective

The Australian Fluoridation News, now 50 years old, has tapped into the growing undercurrent of unrest regarding the policy of forced medication with hazardous industrial fluoride wastes.

While continuing for 50 years in any endeavour can be considered a victory in itself, in this case it's also a travesty that fluoridation has continued and even gradually expanded in that time.

Without such a publication, more communities would likely have been forced to fluoridate more quickly. On the one hand, we can be proud to acknowledge that we're still going, and on the other, there's work still to be done. We now look to the origins and just a few events, accomplishments and changes in these 50 years... more...

AFN 2014 N1
2014#1 January-March Edition (Vol 50, No 1)

Harvard Links Fluoride to Mental Disorders

A new study published in The Lancet has determined that various chemicals that children are exposed to, including fluorides, are implicated as a cause of mental disorders including ADHD.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that among other things, the fluoride chemicals added to many public water systems in North America directly contribute to both mental and behavioral disorders in children... more...

Reduce Sugar Intake to Reduce Tooth Decay
The previous edition of The Australian Fluoridation News (Oct - Dec 2013) congratulated the ABC Catalyst program for their segment on "Toxic Sugar?", which is still available online (abc.net.au/catalyst/vodcast/).

For decades we've been told that sugar is okay; that fluoride will solve our dental problems and even put dentists out of business. Instead, fluoride creates more business for dentists. Fluoridation promotion has had significant funding contributions from the sugar industry in Australia... more...

Fluoride Valve Left Open, Thousands Exposed, One Death

Worst ever spill reported for a large population, in Annapolis, Maryland, Nov 1979

A waterworks employee failed to close a valve. Hydrofluorosilisic acid kept flowing and raised fluoride levels to 30 parts per million (ppm) or more, exposing thousands to poisoning. Eight kidney dialysis patients had severe symptoms; one died at home, another was saved in hospital... more...

Recognising and Respecting Indigenous Australians
Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a Cecil Rhodes scholar, said on Australia Day 2014 that he wants to recognise indigenous people in Australia's Constitution.

Over 90% of Australians voted in the 1967 Referendum to remove the "White Australia Policy", section 127 of the Constitution, in which indigenous people were not counted. From that time, no references to indigenous people remain in the Constitution; we are all regarded as Australians...  more...

Brief News: Fluoride as Contraceptive;  World No Tobacco Day, 31st May;  Say 'NO' to abuse of older (and all) people, June 15;  www.TheCrowhouse.com

AFN 2013 N4
2013#4 October-December Edition (Vol 49, No 4)

Catalyst: Sugar Facts and Fluoride Myths

Public Relations machine still using TV programming to whitewash fluoride's image

In August 2013 the ABC-TV program "Catalyst" aired two segments of great interest. The first one on "Sugar" revealed what we've all known for years, that sugar causes tooth decay and a range of degenerative conditions. This change of reporting has come with the obesity epidemic. But the second segment on "Water Fluoridation" was quite different; it was a deeply flawed propaganda piece apparently designed to shore up support for the "protected pollutant" following Queensland's re-awakening.

The "Water Fluoridation" segment's script covered the main selling points for fluoride, presenting dodgy science, glossing over holes in logic and refusing to examine fluoridation from a balanced scientific or journalistic standpoint. In short, this is just another promotional puff piece... more...

Brief News: Ireland's Girl Against Fluoride;  Be Aware of Censorship Plans

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AFN 2013 N3
2013#3 July-September Edition (Vol 49, No 3)

Israel to Stop Fluoridation
Israel's Supreme Court has declared that a 1974 law permitting -- and a later law requiring -- all public water supplies in Israel to fluoridate are both outdated and invalid, and that all current fluoridation programs in the country will have to end by 9 April 2014, in order to comply with new public safety requirements.

The welcome ruling came after a petition filed in 2012 by two dedicated individuals, including a representative of Israel's Association for Dissemination of Health Education, brought to light numerous dangers associated with water fluoridation. These included lower IQ, brittle bones and teeth and damage to the thyroid gland, serious side effects that are hardly justified by the flimsy and antiquated arguments claiming that ingested fluoride somehow helps prevent tooth decay.

The three Israeli Supreme Court Justices who heard the case, along with the Israeli Health Minister Yael German, took all this information to task and ultimately concluded that fluoride is, indeed, a public health threat and provides minimal, if any, health benefit to society.

In his ruling, Justice D. Barak-Erez ordered the cessation of all water fluoridation programs throughout Israel by 9 April 2014, emphasising the fact that water fluoridation is dangerous and the science defending it is outdated and "no longer widely accepted." ... more...

Queensland Relief Continues
Another 120,000 Queenslanders are free from involuntary mass-medication through their taps.
Four more councils have voted to stop playing doctor in Queensland.

In the Whitsunday Regional Council, all but the Mayor and one other councillor voted against fluoridation. At least one councillor correctly identified that approximately 99% of fluoridated water is not ingested but flushed away or otherwise disposed of, so it's a massive waste of ratepayer money... more...

Corowa Shire's Double Standard for Mulwala
The fluoridation of Mulwala residents has been delayed by a year, until early 2014 for an upgrade costing an estimated $2 million.

Two reservoirs were to be built - one with clean water for the nearby Thales explosives factory and the other for dosing with industrial grade fluoride for residents. more...

The Dickinson Statement:  Expanded Edition 2013
Ian E. Stephens first published The Dickinson Statement in 1987. This work is an investigation and consideration of some of the historical "coincidences" supporting fluoridation and presents a possible and compelling suggestion for WHY fluoridation continues to this day.

Now in 2013 we have added some updates, along with an "About The Author" section and several appendices, two of which cover some of Ian Stephens' other work. It's an appropriate time to republish, following the 25th anniversary of the original. For those who have read it before, enjoy the reread with the new additions. For those who are new to The Dickinson Statement  and are curious, strap yourself in! Highly recommended. It's available in printed form (posted free to members with this AFN) and will also be on our website.  [The Dickinson Statement 2013: PDF, 1Mb]

Brief News: Byron Bay keeps fluoride out;  Chemtrails;  Vicnet Website Changes

AFN 2013 N2
2013#2 April-June Edition (Vol 49, No 2)

New Films Reveal Fluoridation to be a Destructive and Racist Policy
Two outstanding documentary films have highlighted fluoridation to be a forced, destructive policy based in poor-quality science and causing disproportionate harm in our communities.

Both documentaries shine an inquisitive light on the dark side of fluoride. Once you've investigated, it's hard to believe fluoride disposal isn't front page news in those few countries (such as Australia and the United States) that fluoridate their people with hazardous industrial wastes added to drinking water.

"The Great Culling: Our Water" is the first in a series of three films investigating the toxins in our water, food and air, and the apparent agenda behind them. Film-makers Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple are both keen to find the real story of fluoridation and the links to increasingly common neurological conditions. This film is stunning.

"Fluoridegate" is also an impressive film, made by US dentist Dr David Kennedy, a former president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). His film shows how fluoridation policy disproportionately harms children, low-income families as well as black and hispanic citizens. The United States is at risk of a continually declining IQ overall, due to toxins including fluoride and metals which are being overlooked by the regulatory agencies that are meant to protect us.

Both films are well-made, informative and very watchable. Which is the better film? They're both great. So a better question might be: 'Which film do I watch first?... more...

Brief News: Phillip Day;  Victorian 'Bully Stoppers' Campaign;  Clip: Dr Dean Burk on TV

AFN 2013 N1 2013#1 January-March Edition (Vol 49, No 1)

Queenslanders Lead the Way
People Power reverses QLD fluoridation policy while vested-interests complain
The Queensland LNP Government reversed its mandatory fluoridation policy on 29th Nov 2012 and delegated to local councils whether to stop the discredited practice. And so far, ten councils have.

Awareness of the real intent of fluoridation continues to spread and many are vocal in opposition, especially once they have done some research and discovered that the fluoridation chemicals used are toxic industrial wastes collected from factory smokestack emissions.

Many are aware of the fluoridation agenda and have worked hard for the change. Polls in various population centres show Queenslanders are widely rejecting fluoridation.

Now the opportunity is for communities to undo the last few years of forced fluoridation, with some communities being faster than others to do so. Unfortunately, the decision is up to councils instead of the people through a referendum.

Authorities with vested interests in fluoridation, such as dental, medical and government health and research bodies, along with the mainstream media, ... more...

NEWS: Watch Great New U.S. Film:  The Great Culling: Our Water  (92 mins; covers many of the main issues, for those informed already and for the layperson previously unaware of what fluoridation is about)

NEWS: Watch Informative New U.S. Film:  FluorideGate  (65 mins; by dentist Dr David Kennedy; Great!)

NEWS: Watch the ABC's "7.30 Report":  14 Dec 201227 Feb 2013.
Although there's limited coverage of the issues on TV, it is great to see Queenslanders leading the way.

AFN 2012 N4 2012#4 October-December Edition (Vol 48, No 4)

The Fluoridation Iceberg:

Our immune systems' unexpected reactions to fluoridation's stress explained by the General Adaptation Syndrome

by Hans Moolenburgh, General Practitioner

In the 1970s I founded a doctors' group to study the side effects of fluoridation, which had just commenced in Amsterdam and its unwilling surrounding communities, who were dependent on Amsterdam for their drinking water.

At a certain point in our work, when we had found the many side-effects the fluoridating authorities had always vehemently denied, our biologist Grimbergen stressed that we should prove that those same side-effects were caused by fluoridation. And by side effects I mean skin troubles, dizziness, headaches, gastro-intestinal troubles, and an epidemic of violently crying babies... more...

The Conforming Apes - Question Everything!

How often have you had a response from someone - "That's the way we do things and you can't change it". The following parable of a behavioural experiment explores how we behave in society and organisations, and also what is possible when we are conscious: asking questions, knowing the "why" and then choosing freely... more...

Updates:  Harvard IQ Study;  Education and IQs;  Where are the Bodies?  Magnesium;  Dentists

AFN 2012 N3 2012#3 July-September Edition (Vol 48, No 3)

Carnarvon Remains Free From Artificial Fluoridation:

Residents voices heard and common sense prevails in Western Australia

The WA Government quietly announced in late June that Carnarvon's water supply will not be fluoridated, for now ending the threats to its residents' health, free choice and democracy.

Earlier, the WA Government, the Health Minister Dr Kim Hames and the Government's Fluoridation Promotion Committee had each indicated for many months their compulsive desire to fluoridate the town with industrial effluent, regardless of what the residents thought.

But something changed their minds. And they haven't said what it was.

Might it be that, from 1600 homes in Carnarvon, almost 1000 petitions were received by the Fluoridation Promotion Committee. It's a significant proportion of the population saying 'no', indicating that residents are not only aware of what fluoridation is really about, but they are also prepared to do something, make their choices known and to tell others. Much credit needs to be given to the Carnarvon Fluoride Action Group who began informing residents early. As the fluoridation information and knowledge spread more widely, the awareness has grown to include a large part of the community, all talking about fluoridation.

Congratulations are especially due to the residents... more...

Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral

Magnesium is a miraculous mineral that links many subjects such as fluoridation, superphosphate fertiliser, commerce, politics, health and cancer, along with the personal choice of taking responsibility for one's own health. Note magnesium is not a "cure-all" - other factors also contribute to good health. This article was provided by an elderly gentleman in Queensland in the late 1990s and published in the Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA) newsletter in 2004. "Editor's Comments" have been added for further information.

Thank you for prompting me once again to put pen to paper. As one's friends and relations all die from this enigmatic disease [cancer], it does seem we may be wiped out as a species. What does strike you, after a century of research and billions of dollars spent on research, the problem gets worse by the month... more...

Updates: QLD Govt delegates to Councils;  Iodine+Boron;  Senators;  Surveillance

AFN 2012 N2 2012#2 April - June Edition (Vol 48, No 2)

Fluoride Fume Deaths:

Stark Reminders of Fluoride's Role in Deadly Poisons and Ending WWII

Capture of the last two members of the radical Japanese Aum Shinrikyo cult is a chilling reminder of the June 1995 sarin gas attack on commuters in Tokyo's underground, which killed 13, injured thousands, and caused panic throughout Tokyo.
The two suspects, Ms Katsuya and Katsuya Takahashi, were arrested in Tokyo after a 17-year manhunt. (Sydney Morning Herald, 9-10 and 16-17 June 2012).

An Example of the Deadly Relationship between Poisonous Gases, Fluorides and Fluoridation

Sarin gas was developed by the Nazis just before World War II and later used by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in Northern Iraq in 1988, killing eight people.

A key chemical in the manufacture of sarin gas, fluoride1, is also used to medicate the majority of the population of Australia, without the people's consent, using public water supplies as the vehicle.

As investigative reporter Christopher Bryson comments:
"The same potent chemical that is used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, to prepare sarin nerve gas, and to wrestle molten steel and aluminium from the earth's core, is what we give to our children first thing in the morning and last thing at night, flavoured..."2

Illness and Death in China from Phosgene Gas
"Toxic Fumes Kill One, Another 23 Victims Still In Serious Condition"
"One person died and another 23 remain in serious condition after a chemical leak poisoned 81 people in East China's Anhui province on Thursday, the local government said on Sunday."... more...

Updates: Port Macquarie;  Black Salve;  AVN;  Denticare

AFN 2012 N1 2012#1 January - March Edition (Vol 48, No 1)

Dental Profession Fails Its Duty of Care - Part Two

Rather than a scientifically-justified dental health measure, fluoridation was prematurely implemented despite its well-known detrimental effects on teeth. Incredibly the dental profession accepted sponsorship funding from companies selling products known to increase dental decay.

The extreme toxicity of fluorides produced by many industrial processes was a key factor in persuading governments to agree to allow harmful levels of fluorides in the air and drinking water. The industries involved were being increasingly sued for damage to human and animal health, putting the viability of major fertiliser, smelting, nuclear weapons development, chemical and manufacturing industries at risk unless expensive pollution reduction measures were implemented.

As a compulsory medication, without approval of we, the patients, fluoridation does not meet any of the criteria required for human experiments as defined at the Nuremberg War Trials and should be similarly classified as a crime against humanity.

Part One of this article (Vol 47, No 3, Jul-Sep 2011) demonstrated the poor quality of dentistry in Australia and the lack of appreciation by the majority of unquestioning dentists that fluoridation is causing a wide variety of adverse health effects on man and animal, as well as the more obvious dental fluorosis defects of teeth.

The Proliferation of Vested Interests which Support Fluoridation

It is in the profit-motivated interest of companies that produce tooth decay-promoting products... more...

'Weary' Dunlop: Last Link with a Legend

The inspirational history of "Blue" Butterworth and the legendary Sir "Weary" Dunlop, staunch opponent of fluoridation and WWII wartime hero, has finally ended with the death of Milton Butterworth (1920-2011), whose funeral was held on 21st December, 2011.

Both were captured by the Japanese and worked on the Burma Railway, Dunlop as the prison camp doctor... more...

Do you, and others you know, have Fluoride Fatigue?

Dr Bruce Spittle's excellent book, "Fluoride Fatigue" (Fluoride Poisoning: is fluoride in your drinking water - and from other sources - making you sick?) is now available directly from us.

Fluoride Fatigue outlines the chronic fatigue (not relieved by extra sleep) and other ill effects experienced by many people when they drink fluoridated water. The book notes how to test if fluoride is causing these symptoms and, if it is, how they may often be cured... more...

Updates: Queensland ALP's "Water Torture"

AFN 2011 N4 2011#4 October - December Edition (Vol 47, No 4)

High Incidence of Premature Births and Stillbirths

Documenting a Likely Cause

A sensitively presented ABC TV 4 Corners program on 17 October 2011 investigated premature births. Issues raised included the ethical dilemma of parents as well as medical staff in deciding if there should be major medical intervention in attempting to prolong life, the likelihood of physical and mental handicap in babies which survived, and why there is such a high rate of stillbirths in Britain compared to Europe.

The program pointed out that in Britain, if a birth occurred up to the twenty-third week of pregnancy, in spite of major medical intervention from birth, only about six in every hundred survived, and most of these were left with life-inhibiting handicaps, including brain damage, kidney disease, heart disease, cerebral palsy, and physical and mental handicap, which frequently required constant medical treatment and professional or family care and assistance all their lives.

Only one in every hundred of the few surviving British babies would grow up to live a normal life. By contrast, in The Netherlands, the incidence of premature births is substantially less than in Britain, and even in those cases, the medical profession lets nature take its course and does not intervene in any attempt to prolong the life of premature babies.

A question raised during the program was why the incidence of premature births in Britain was so much higher than in Europe, but this was not addressed.


A full-page article in The Sydney Morning Herald's Health & Science section, 27 October, 2011, is headed:


The article opens with the statement that "The cause of many stillbirths is unknown..." and points out that the rate of stillbirths in Australia is "around seven per 1000 live births, (which has) remained largely unchanged for two decades." ... more...

Carnarvon and the Fluoride Salesmen

Carnarvon is becoming even more aware and spirited in response to the latest threat to fluoridate its water supplies. The WA Government's Fluoridation Promotion Committee had earlier announced that no decision had been made and that further community consultation would be carried out, hoping the community would give up. But in November, the local MP presented a petition of non-consent from more than 800 homes to the WA Health Minister, and most recently the local Council unanimously supported a resolution to reject fluoridation.

The local Council's unanimous resolution read:
"That Council inform the WA Department of Health that due to the lengthy delays experienced in resolving the issue and with no overwhelming evidence that fluoridation of Carnarvon's water supply will result in any benefits to the community, Council will support the position of the Carnarvon Anti-Fluoridation Action Group in opposing the introduction of fluoride into the Carnarvon water supply."

While this is great news for Carnarvon, the fluoridation threat isn't over yet. The Western Australian Government's Fluoridation Promotion Committee, sometimes called the 'Advisory Committee', is considering surveying Carnarvon residents, possibly with loaded questions similar to those used recently in surveys of Yanchep and Two Rocks, closer to Perth.

But as awareness increases, community is becoming more animated. The promoters will be hoping that subsides... more...

Film Festival shows "Fire Water: Australia's Fluoridation Disgrace"

The documentary film Fire Water: Australia's Fluoridation Disgrace has screened at the 6th International 'Voices from the Waters' Film Festival, held in Bangalore India.

The festival is dedicated to fresh water around the planet. Jaya Chela Drolma, the film's producer/director, along with researcher/writer Daniel Zalec, attended the festival in September. Their Fire Water DVD closed the festival and was well-received... more...

Telling and Seeing Only One Side

The media's role in fluoridation's continuation is worthy of examination. Here we look back to an editorial in the now-defunct US publication, National Fluoridation News, and find that much is familiar.

One of the most distressing aspects of fluoridation is the failure of our leading news media to report anything but promotional features and comments about it.

Whenever dental and other health officials make new claims of fluoride benefits, the press is usually more than eager to tell about them. On the other hand, when reports of shortcomings or harmful effects appear, even in respected scientific journals, the major news sources are generally completely silent... more

Writing on the Wall: Canadian Medical Association Journal
According to an unusual article posted earlier this year on the Canadian Medical Association journal (CMAJ) website, the trend is continuing to end water fluoridation in North America.

The article (on 14 June 2011) begins:
"With the scientific pendulum appearing to slowly swing away from the value of fluoridating tap water, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has indicated that it will lower the recommended level of fluoride to be added to drinking water..." more

Your Wish Is Your Command: "Fluoride is a Toxin"

When we first learn that fluoridation isn't what we thought it was, we wonder how this bizarre toxic-waste disposal practice is allowed to continue anywhere.

New ideas and approaches are required to transform how we look at fluoridation, as well as ourselves and our own power. A recent audio course proclaims that "fluoride is a toxin" and also that our brains are far more powerful than we know. For those interested, this course could be worth pursuing.

After nearly 60 years of fluoridation in some parts of Australia, it would seem that appealing to governments hasn't worked yet - but it's still a necessary part of the endeavour. Of the many valid approaches, it's also very important to expand the number of informed people who are willing to take action (personal actions, along with actions in community to spread the word even further). But other approaches are sought... more

Little By Little, Kindly, For a Worthwhile End

You might think that it takes a lot to end fluoridation? Not necessarily. We can do our bit - and it all adds up.
One of the most important actions is becoming aware ourselves of the magnitude of the fluoridation scam and what we can do about it, then actually doing those things and passing the beneficial knowledge on to others.

We then have "pockets" of awareness growing in our neighbourhood,... more

Updates: Phillip Day; Gelatin Capsules; Tissue Analysis

Quotable: Dr Phillip R N Sutton, DDSc (Melb), LDS, FRACDS.
Formerly Academic Associate and Senior Research Fellow, Dept Oral Medicine and Surgery, Dental School, University of Melbourne.  Author of "The Greatest Fraud: Fluoridation" (1996). From page 1:

"We are all affected by this potentially dangerous fraud: The convincing of governments and people generally that it is ethical, safe and beneficial to medicate, compulsorily, many millions of people throughout their lives with small but uncontrollable doses of a cumulative and very toxic substance because of the notion that it reduces the prevalence of dental decay.  All this, although neither its safety nor any scientifically-proved reduction in the number of decayed teeth has been demonstrated."


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